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Spring - The Four Seasons Part 1 - SOLD OUT
13th April Saturday   2pm Ė 5pm - Course F1-13 - £60
We take our inspiration from the first of the spring flowers as Sue demonstrates how, with simple touches; we can introduce them to our homes. Discover the gardenís trees, shrubs and flowers and create a spring display that will lift us out of winter gloom.

Includes Jillís homemade refreshments.

Herbs and Flowers for Therapy and Relaxation - Special Study Day
16th May Thursday - 10am Ė 4pm - Course F2-13 - £110 FULL DAY SESSION
During this whole day session we will discover how garden herbs, fragrant flowers and shrubs can help to de-stress, relax and improve the feeling of well-being.

Before lunch we explore the history of herbs and herb gardens and how these special plants can be incorporated into even the smallest garden space and into our busy lives.

The afternoon workshop session focuses on creating simple designs with materials picked from Jillís gorgeous garden.

Homemade lunch included.

The Flower Decoratorís Guide to Event Flowers  - Special Study Day
1st June Saturday - 2pm Ė 5pm - Course F3-13 - £60
For the DIY flower decorator Ė Designers at all levels of ability welcome.
Beautiful and inexpensive flower designs for classy parties, informal get togethers and weddings. Learn how to create arrangements for special occasions, how to estimate quantities for bigger parties and weddings and leave with confidence in your newly acquired skills.

Includes Jillís homemade  refreshments. 

Chiddingstone Castle Wedding Fair
2nd June Saturday - 11pm Ė 5pm
An opportunity to meet Sue and discuss your wedding plans.

Summer - The Four Seasons Part 2
22nd June Saturday  - 2pm Ė 5pm - Course F4-13 - £60
The summer garden provides an abundance of material and colour to enjoy. We will discover how the elements of design used in the garden can be transported into home flower arranging.

Includes Jillís homemade  refreshments. 

Jane Austen Flowers and Tea
29th June Saturday  - 2pm Ė 5pm - Course F5-13 - £60
To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Pride and Prejudice we offer our special workshop.

Learn about the gardens of Miss Austenís day, make a small 1800s floral arrangement and then sit down to an authentic Regency tea in the garden.

Flower Arrangement for Church Arrangers  - Special Study Day
5th September  Thursday - 2pm Ė 5pm - Course F6-13 - £60
This half day session is suitable for new arrangers to the Church Rota and those who want to explore ideas and refresh their skills. We start with the basic guidelines of design and how it applies in larger spaces.

We then look at how to manage a small budget by using garden flowers and foliage and learn how to create a soft modern look.

Includes Jillís homemade refreshments. 

Autumn - The Four Seasons Part 3 
5th October  2pm Ė 5pm - Course F7-13 - £60
The season of mellowness, moodiness and surprise as we find out just how much colour and texture is there for the taking.

We will learn how to use branches and leaves, berries, flowers and fungi to create a design for an autumnal glow in our homes.

Includes Jillís homemade  refreshments. 

Winter and Christmas - The Four Seasons Part 4
7th December Saturday - 2pm Ė 5pm - Course F8-13 - £60
The festive season begins with our not to be missed special Christmas session.

Traditional holly and ivy mixed with interesting and inspiring materials from the garden can produce beautiful decorations for the home that will ease us through the seasonís stress.

Includes Jillís homemade refreshments. 

Phone: 01732 700487 for any further details. Contact Sue to register your interest.


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